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Audiences is the audience management solution in Leanplum that helps marketing teams build, manage, and better understand their diverse audience and leverage this data in their marketing strategy.

What is Leanplum?

Leanplum is a leading multi-channel customer engagement platform that helps forward-looking brands meet their customers' real-time needs.

The Challenge

A centralized user profile is the foundation of a healthy customer engagement strategy, yet, it is not fully actionable on its own. Many marketing teams have turned to audience management solutions to leverage in their marketing programs.

The Solution

A tool that helps marketers to build, manage, explore and activate customer data in the form of audiences. Supported with actionable insights to help create more meaningful engagements.

Audiences in Leanplum is divided into three major surfaces

Audience Dashboard — View, manage and create audiences.

Audience Details — Build, edit, or view an audience with its insights. The purpose of this layer is to give marketing teams the confidence they need to engage the most precise audience. In this article, we deep dive into the creation of the Builder—the main product component of the Audience Details.

Users in Audience — View the users available in an audience. The user profile gives a centralized view of each user. It shows user settings and preferences.


Since we launched Audiences, it's been great to see our users use it in many different ways and leverage it in their marketing programs. We are continually trying to understand better how to improve each product component to offer a better, seamless experience.