project 01 // eve // design system

eve provides basic user interface elements, flexbox based responsive interfaces, pure css components with best practice coding and consistent design system.


product _ experience designer // interfeace designer // component _ system designer

I started this as a Sketch library, and then after sharing this with the front-end developer I was working with, we decided to continue the same concept on the production front-end code base of the product we were working on.

Why we decided to create our own design system?

We know what our products needs.

Most of the design systems and frameworks available now offer a variety of design solutions and thousands of components that we wouldn't need, implementing such a thing would be as hitting a bug with a hammer, and the possibility to overright some styles for our needs would be higher, that's we created our own system, we know what we need the most, and we can scale it as we want without any third party dependencies

what was the outcome of implemeting it our your products?

Better everything!

Better performance, consistency, faster implementation for new features, easier improvement of the older ones, and more scalable front-end architecture of the product. In addition to deleting a 15,000 line of repetitive CSS code.

deleting lines of repeated code

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