love is blind

How many times did you fell in love with your solution?

As creators, generating solutions is our main craft. However, any time we get too deep in our solutions, we forget what we were solving in the first place.
Does this sound familiar?

I've been around some bright people, who their heads are a flood with great ideas. They have a great understanding of the problem they are solving. Well, in the beginning. Until they fall in love..


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Okay, so let's take several steps back.

You understand the problem. You know what you're solving. You start doing it, have several ideas in mind. Great! Suddenly comes this moment. This huge light bulb pops in your head about this great one. This is it! For sure, it should be. This is the solution to all the problems. How didn't you think about it before?

Wait, what... Did you say the solution to all the problems? Tada!🎉 And here, my friend, you're screwed!

You started solving different problems. And the deeper you get into this solution, the more problems you think you're solving. Remember? There was a user's pain point you were solving.

You're probably thinking: "Okay, Okay... Great, awesome smartass! It sounds as if you already cracked a solution to this problem." Well, I don't know if that's the ideal solution. However, doing the following helped me overcome it.

Denzel listening

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Primarily, build a feedback loop around your process. Don't create the solution in isolation. Always try to include everyone in the process. Mainly, the user that this pain point targets them directly. Plus, other stakeholders who have a solid understanding of the problem would inform you when you skew away from it. This would help you keep the main problem in focus.

Though, don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to scrape out this great idea you had. I'm trying to say here that you need to understand what is the main thing you're solving at the moment. I know this whole idea about falling in love with the problem sounds like a cliche, and to be honest, I don't think you need to do this, but what about you fall in love with both: the problem and the solution. Don't love one while breaking the heart of the other. Have a big heart.

I hope this was helpful. It's something that I wanted to share as I notice it happening. Moreover, to be aware when this happens and try to stop it before it's too late is an excellent skill that would help you ship valuable solutions for your users fast.


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