twenty18 retrospective

It took me some time to get this post together. I was trying to structure my thoughts and see how 2018 went, what I achieved in it, and how it will reflect on 2019.

experimenter in the lab

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Let's get into it. At the beginning of 2018, I continued experimenting with different design tools, something which I started back in 2017. But this time it was more focused on user interfaces. In the beginning, I was experimenting with various design tools like Sketch, Figma, and Framer. Later on, I moved more into the development side of the process. I had some knowledge from this phase but wanted to really get more comfortable with it. I tried to develop more interfaces and understand how I would transform them into code. But yeah, in the end, I was experimenting in another design tool which was HTML, CSS and the interactive part of JavaScript.

I love designing, but I'm happiest in a code editor.

Tim Van Damme in a tweet

These experiments helped develop the way I think about designing solutions. Which lead to building my first design system. Working on this design system helped me a lot in breaking down user interfaces. Understand more their structure and layout. How to create more usable and accessible interfaces. In addition, to understand how to communicate better with developers. And more importantly to think in components, not only in buttons and text-inputs but breaking the whole solution into small components. More on this in another post - Hopefully.

In 2018 I developed in various design tools. Focused more on the solution and how I can build it. Doing this helped me understand my strength and weaknesses. This year I'm going to focus more on an earlier part of the process. The problem.

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I know, it's a short one. I needed to start somewhere. I was planning to write more. But every time I sit to do so. I overwhelm myself and end up writing nothing. This one is a new fresh start. Cheers!